Pen in motion
I began my calligraphy journey in 1979, studying with Robert Palladino for a year at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He was an amazing teacher, having been a Trappist monk for 17 years with calligraphy as a primary focus during his monastery time. He was precise, particular, and incorporated a meditative method that was critical to calligraphy becoming a lifetime passion for me. Calligraphy is now my form of meditation, as well as my method of creative muse. I have used it over the years to survive both financially and through difficult life periods. I cannot give enough thanks to Brother Robert for this gift.

After a brief hiatus of a couple decades where a salaried job and raising kids distracted me, calligraphy has once again become my passion and career focus. And lo and behold, now there is the internet!! No longer a calligraphy hermit, I see what calligraphers are doing all over the world. I take calligraphy workshops regularly and attend conferences. My calligraphy journey has exploded with possibility and my passion increases for lettering of all kinds. With Palladino’s influence, my training is in the traditional time honored old scripts like Italic, Roman, Rustic, Black letter, Uncial, etc. But with new classes and influences, I am learning to take that classical training and break out of the box into newer modern styles of letter creation.

Believe it or not, calligraphy has been exploding in this digital age. It is not a dying art. Don’t ask me why, I could only make up a few theories. But do a search online and you will find way more calligraphy than you will be able to look at.

Home base
In the last couple of years, I have taken workshops with Massimo Pollelo, Amity Parks, Yves Letermes, Carl Rohrs, Jacqueline Sullivan, Michael Clark, and Carol DuBosch. I would encourage any budding calligraphers to look up their websites and check out their works, they are all wonderful.

Words are powerful. Language is one of the primary ways we connect to each other. Calligraphy is a way to add more power and meaning to words. I try to focus on lost, overlooked, or quiet voices that can use a boost to amplify their wisdom, especially in these difficult times. Some artists try to stay neutral, I do not. The point of being an artist is to offer my gift to the world in hopes of making it a better, wiser, more beautiful place for all of us. I cannot stay neutral in that process.

I am available for small or large group classes, private tutoring, and commission work. I will consider any project that does not promote hate or division. I do not tend to do wedding invitations any more (just cuz they can get pretty tedious), although I might be persuaded on occasion. (Also, FYI, I do not do the Copperplate pointed pen calligraphy which many brides and grooms prefer these days.) I am currently learning and becoming passionate about woodburning calligraphy, please see my gallery! I live in southeastern Vermont, and travel all over the state for a different part-time job. Hence, tutoring is available haphazardly in various Vermont towns at public cafes or your home, or in a more steady fashion in southeastern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. If you have a question related to calligraphy, contact me!

In the meantime, choose your words wisely and go in peace. ~Jorika

–Framed art (quotes, poetry, etc.)
–woodburn calligraphy pieces on cherry and curly maple, sometimes apple
–Family Trees
–Labels, signs, headings, titles
–Greeting cards, personalized and/or custom